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R&D/Restoration Services

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Some of our restoration services include:

We apply ecological processes to achieve
innovative and effective outcomes for your
projects. Succession Ecology provides
personalised attention for each project and
produces high-quality outputs. The diverse
nature of our business enables development of
well-rounded, pragmatic outcomes, tailored to
your specific requirements.


Restoration Management

We have been restoring and revegetating sites throughout SA for decades. We use an applied approach to site remediation, where possible using natural process to provide solutions.


A 'ground up' approach, which floods a site with coloniser species, is much quicker and more effective than traditional 'top down' revegetation methods at producing resilient and functional plant communities. Using coloniser species is the first step in the successional process.

Habitat Restoration

Succession Ecology can take your project from beginning to end with Environmental project management.

Biological Soil Crust

Soils of the arid zone are characterised by their low nutrient availability, poor biological activity, fine particle size, and high levels of salinity, alkalinity and sodicity. Biological soil crusts provide important functions in these systems; they bind soil, minimise erosion, fix carbon and nitrogen, and absorb rainfall.

Habitat Restoration

Our aim with habitat restoration is to build ecosystem function by reducing weed competition, increasing plant biodiversity and supporting the development of habitat structures for wildlife.

Dust Management

We specialise in dust management for projects in arid and semi-arid areas.

Weed and Pest Management

We use an applied ecological approach to weed and pest management that is tailored to your site and species.

Arid Restoration

We specialise in large-scale restoration of arid and semi-arid ecosystems.


Succession Ecology has PhD-accredited environmental scientists with particular expertise in scientific design, research and reporting.  We can establish field and laboratory research trials, experiments and monitoring programs for your site to deliver evidence-based, quantifable decision-making tools.

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