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Ecological Consulting

Succession Ecology provides a broad range of ecological consulting services for a diversity of projects and scopes such as:

-Management Plans

-Legislative Compliance

-Project Management

-Flora and Fauna Survey

-Pest Management

And more...

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Project Management

Succession Ecology can take your project from beginning to end with Environmental project management. We offer a broad range of services, including:

-Environmental Planning

-Management Plans

-Quality Control


And more...



Succession Ecology has PhD-accredited environmental scientists with particular expertise in scientific design, research and reporting.  We can establish field and laboratory research trials, experiments and monitoring programs for your site to deliver evidence-based, quantifable decision-making tools.


Compliance and Assessments

A 'ground up' approach, which floods a site with coloniser species, is much quicker and more effective than traditional 'top down' revegetation methods at producing resilient and functional plant communities. Using coloniser species is the first step in the successional process.

Cultana Solar

Flora and


Our PhD accredited ecologists have a combined experience working in flora and fauna ecology of over 40 years; our services include:

-Fauna Surveys

-Ecological Studies

-Species Management Plans

And More...

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