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Native Seed

Seed Orders

Working across South Australia, we collect, clean and supply a broad range of native seed (both nursery and revegetation grade).  We have particular expertise in the flora of arid and semi-arid systems, and we specialise in the supply of large quantities of native grass and chenopod species.  However, we also collect species to order for our clients; these may include: Eucalyptus species, Acacia species, sedges, rushes, and other understorey and ground cover species.

To enquire on our current species in stock please contact


Delivery and postage fees will apply if required. Payments are due within 14 days of the invoiced date. Prices DO NOT include GST.


If seed is required from a specific provenance, seed may be priced higher due to difficulty to collect and travel costs. Please contact us to discuss further.


For first time orders;

We recommend you fill out the seed ordering form below and email to us at

For returning customers;

Email us the seed ordering form below.


Please contact us via mobile or email to learn more or to place a seed order.

Seed Orchards

We design, establish and manage seed orchards for projects requiring a large regular supply of particular species. Native seed orchards provide an ongoing seed resource and an efficient and pragmatic means for starting your revegetation effort, with the view to build capacity and expand the effort with time.


Please contact us to discuss your project.

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