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Weed & Pest Management

We use an applied ecological approach to weed and pest management that is tailored to your site and species.

Our weed management services include:

  • Weed Management Plans

  • Weed Assessments, including Declared and Environmental weeds

  • Plant identification, controls and training

  • Herbaceous and grassy weed control, including trimming and sickle bar mowing, spot and boom spraying using shrouds to minimise off-target damage and drift

  • Woody weed control, including hand removal, tree popping, cut & swab, drill & fill and frilling

  • Soil seedbank testing

Our pest management services include:

  • Integrated Pest Management Plans

  • Assessments and surveys

  • Particular expertise in managing urban and abundant species such as little corellas

  • Deterring problem species via landscape management

  • Reviewing and reporting

  • Community engagement


Please contact us to discuss your project

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