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Ecological Project

Succession Ecology can take your project from beginning to end with Environmental project management. We offer a broad range of services, including:

  • Environmental Planning – Clearance assessments, permissions, proposals and offsets

  • Management Plans - Construction Environment Management Plans, Flora and Fauna Management Plans etc

  • Compliance – Legislative requirements under EPBC Act 1999, NV Act 1991, NP&W Act 1972, Development Act 1993 for example

  • Management – Site assessments, site preparation, pre and post on-ground works, revegetation services

  • Maintenance – Weed control, dust mitigation, restoration works

  • Quality Control – assessing, tracking and monitoring project and contractor activities against targets

  • Monitoring – Monitoring Plans, data collection, analysis and reporting, including research trials for best practice

  • Reporting – Completion and post-completion reporting

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