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Ecological Consulting

Succession Ecology provides a broad range of ecological consulting services for a diversity of projects and scopes, these include:​

  • Management Plans, Protection Programs and Advice - vegetation, water, fauna (vertebrate and invertebrate), protected species, habitat, revegetation, restoration and remediation, weeds, pests, disease

  • Environmental project Management - We can take your project from beginning to end from planning and design, compliance and monitoring to on-ground recovery

  • Legislative Compliance and Ecological Assessment - Native Vegetation Clearance (NV Act 1991), Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB), Significant and Regulated tree (Dev Act 1993) and Endangered ecological communities (EPBC Act 1999), Development approvals (Dev Act 1993)

  • Flora and Fauna surveys and Advice - Endangered ecological communities, Threatened or abundant and pest species, species reintroductions, habitat, native vegetation

  • Integrated Pest Management - Abundant species, pest and weed management

  • Research Programs - Options Assessments, Monitoring, Biological Surveys, Soil and Seedbank, Ecological Studies

  • Testing - Soil, Seed Viability, Seedbank

  • Training and Community Engagement - workshops, seminars, instruction manuals, inductions and educational materials

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