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Restoring Landfill Sites


Succession Ecology have been providing revegetation and land management services for Inkerman and Nuriootpa landfill sites since 2012.  These sites are covered with a cap and revegetated with varing native species. 

The Inkerman revegetation site comprised a 14 Ha semi-arid landfill area capped with highly alkaline clay loam from an excavation pit.  We sowed a mix of native grasses (Austrostipa spp. and Rytodosperma spp.), which quickly colonised the site.  They formed a dense mass of plants that outcompeted weeds while facilitating the colonisation of native chenopods as well as mosses and lichens. This thriving native grassland requires little maintenance and the grasses continually replenish the soil seedbank, maintaining competitive advantage over weeds, as well as adding organic matter to improve the soil.

Our services include:

  • Revegetation advice and implementation

  • Seed supply and seeding

  • Weed management 

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