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Perks of the Job...

Four of the “Ferocious” Succession Ecology crew, (the Ferocious Four? 😉); got to translate big talk into big action this week.


We were 480km north of Adelaide; on a mine site that was looking to restore #nativevegetation where a temporary road had been during construction.


The first photo shows the “instruments of torture”, a 75 litre rubbish bin, (held by Yours Truly), with about 1.5 kg of mixed saltbush & bluebush seed.

We had 130 kg of this mix, so that translates to some 87 bins worth across the 4 of us; along road verges up to 30 metres wide along a 3 km length; covering some 10 hectares…

The day was glorious, the wind gods in assistance; the ground was pre-ripped so just the right amount of roughening for seed to lodge into.

We started at 7am & finished at 5pm; I covered 25,000 + steps & the other Ferocious Three did 30,000 + steps, (I reckon they took smaller steps than me, 😂).

This work requires good lungs, excellent fitness, confidence that we can complete the seeding job in a day, even when you can’t physically see the other end of the site; (there was a little bit of Thomas the Tank Engine talk going on, “I think I can…I know I can”) & a robust sense of humour.

What are the perks?

Stunning countrysides, sunrises; getting to spread a good chunk of the 4 tonnes collected during the season; reducing dust; reducing temperatures; increasing local rainfall; making a difference; especially in a harsh climate with an average rainfall of 160 mm.

Cherry on top? Finding the little guys such as this bubba #lizard, (excellent eyes AB).

What more could you ask? (except to be doing this job on a 10,000 hectare scale….

We love our job; we talk big; we collect big; we deliver big; we’re looking at every avenue to deliver even bigger; we want more competition; haven’t you heard about THE urgency?

The last photo? The rain gods delivered that evening & next morn, (all part of the service we offer; did I say we deliver? ☔️).

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