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Instructions for Seed Planting

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Succession Ecology

We Emulate Nature

Instructions for Native Seed sample

South Australian Native Seed Included:

  • Atriplex suberecta (Lagoon Saltbush)

  • Enchylaena tomentosa (Ruby Saltbush)

  • Einadia nutans (Climbing Saltbush)

  • Hardenbergia violacea (Native Wisteria)

  • Maireana erioclada (Rosy Bluebush)

  • Vittadinia sp. (Native Daisy)

  • Zygophyllum aurantiacum (Shrubby Twinleaf)

Sowing Instructions:

1. Prepare soil by raking surface

2. Sprinkle seed over the site

3. Water in area (Once per week with approximately 20 litres)

4. The seed should germinate within 2 weeks

Good luck and happy seeding :)


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Atriplex suberecta 

Lagoon Saltbush

Enchlyaena tomentosa

Ruby Saltbush

Einadia nutans

Climbing Saltbush

Hardenbergia violacea

Native Wisteria

Photo credit to

Maireana erioclada  006.jpg

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Zygo Aurant.jpg

Maireana erioclada

Rosy Bluebush

Vittadinia Sp.

Native Daisy

Zygophyllum aurantiacum

Shrubby Twinleaf

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