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Gawler East Link Road


The Gawler East Link Road (GELR) project involves the construction of transport infrastructure for the trownship of Gawler and surrounds.  In addition to road building and widening activities, two bridges will be built over the South Para River and a tributory of this river; both include habitat of EPBC-listed species.  Succession Ecology have been involved with this project since 2018.

Our services include:

  • Advice on road pathway for protection of EPBC-listed species, Flinders Ranges Worm Lizard

  • Fauna Management Plan

  • Weed, Pest and Disease Management Plan

  • Water Quality Monitoring Program

  • Weed map and management schedule

  • Environmental induction information, including weed guides

  • Ongoing weed control activities

  • Ensuring compliance and reporting standards are met

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